Lilyana MLW

LilyLily is a beautiful 2009 Hanoverian mare by Londonderry out of a Rubenstein dam line. Londonderry is one of the top producing stallions in Europe today. Lily is a stunning 17.2h sporthorse with incredible gaits and presence. Lily is simple enough for an amateur or junior, the perfect ladies ride. She won the Region 2 training level championships in 2013 on a 74%. In 2015, she is qualified for the Region 2 championships at first and second level with scores in the mid to high 70s with a recent 77% at 2nd 3. She has been 1st and 2nd level champion at 2 recent shows and is making her 3rd level debut at the end of August at Waterloo.
*Update* Lily was third at the Region 2 Second Level Championships and eighth at the Region 2 First Level Championships.