Blue Ridge Farm Competition Schedule

For the competitive equestrians, Blue Ridge Farm competes year round at recognized events, mini-trials, recognized and schooling Dressage show, recognized and      schooling Jumper shows, schooling hunter, and academy shows.

2017 Blue Ridge Farm Competition Schedule

DressageCVF Dressage Schooling*waiting list
01/29/17JumpersCVF Jumper Schooling
02/05/17DressageCVF Dressage Schooling *waiting list
02/26/17 JumpersCVF Jumper Schooling
03/05/17DressageCVF Dressage Schooling *entries being accepted
03/19/17JumpersCVF Jumper Schooling
03/23/17 - 04/03/17TrainingAiken Paradise Farm
Paradise Unrecognized: 3/30
Full Gallop Recognized: 4/1-4/2
04/23/17JumpersCVF Jumper Schooling
04/29/17 - 04/30/17Horse Trial Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Spring H.T.
05/06/17 - 05/07/17Combined TestSouth Farm C.T.South Farm CT Entry Form
05/26/17 - 05/28/17Horse TrialMay-Daze at the Park H.T.Show Information
05/26/17 - 05/28/17DressageKDA Kentucky Horse Park
06/02/17 - 06/04/17DressageDressage at WaterlooShow Information
06/09/17 - 06/11/17DressageMajestic FarmShow Information
06/16/17 - 06/18/17Dressage Dressage at Waterloo June I & IIShow Information
06/23/17 - 06/26/17Horse TrialMidsouth Pony Club H.T. Kentucky Horse Park
Midsouth Pony Club
07/01/17 - 07/02/17Horse TrialSouth Farm H.T.
07/06/17 - 07/08/17Hunter/JumperChagrin Hunter Jumper Classic Show Information
07/09/17Mini TrialHackamore Farm Mini TrialShow Information
07/16/17Mini TrialSouth Farm Mini TrialShow Information
07/22/17 - 07/23/17DressageNODAShow Information
07/28/17 - 07/30/17Horse TrialCobblestone Farms H.T. Show Information
08/04/17 - 08/06/17DressageDressage at Waterloo August IShow Information
08/12/17 - 8/13/17Horse TrialFair Hill International H.T. Show Information
08/20/17Mini TrialBath Pony Club Mini TrialShow Information
09/02/17 - 09/03/17Horse TrialKY Classique H.T. Show Information
09/10/17Mini TrialSouth Farm Mini Trial
09/16/17 - 09/18/17Horse TrialFlying Cross Farm H.T. Show Information
09/30/17 - 10/01/17Horse Trial Jump Start H.T.Show Information
10/18/17 - 10/22/17Three-Day EventHagyard MidSouth Three-Day Event and Team Challenge

*CVF – Chagrin Valley Farms

*Schedule Subject to Change